FTO Light Roasted Ethiopian Coffee, Whole Bean & Washed: Collection Update

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GoCoffeeGo LLC has expanded its collection of fair trade organic light roasted Ethiopian coffee. The company specializes in gourmet coffee.

Customers who visit GoCoffeeGo’s online storefront can now choose from a wider variety of Ethiopian light roast coffee. The coffees offered in this collection are sold by vendors with partnerships with fair trade organic farms.

For more information, please visit https://www.gocoffeego.com/search/?q=Ethiopia

By expanding their selection of ethically grown coffee, GoCoffeeGo remains committed to providing greener choices to their customers, especially amid growing demand for sustainable coffee production and fair wages for coffee farmers. Statistics have shown that 75% of consumers are willing to pay more for their coffee if farmers and producers are paid well.

GoCoffeeGo answers these demands by sourcing their coffee from reputable roasters who are also dedicated to improving the quality of life for coffee farmers. Many of the coffees available in their Ethiopia light roast collection are grown on fair trade organic plantations, reflecting these high standards.

One coffee in this collection is Olympia Coffee’s Ethiopia Eshetu Natural. The beans are natural-processed, meaning the ripe coffee cherries are sun-dried. This gives the coffee a fruity flavor with a creamy, sweet body and notes of berry, peach, and brown sugar.

Customers can also opt for Thanksgiving Coffee’s Ethiopia Gedeb Yirgacheffe, a floral coffee with a deep and sweet body, a complex acidity, and notes of ripe cherry, golden raisin, and graham cracker.

Another popular choice is JBC Coffee Roasters’ Ethiopia Chelbesa, a roast made from shade-grown coffee. The beans in this roast are washed, a process that removes impurities and leads to a cleaner taste. The result is a floral coffee with notes of strawberry, lemon-lime soda, and rose.

All the coffee sold by GoCoffeeGo is available in various grind sizes, but customers can also purchase the roasts as the whole bean to grind to their preference.

GoCoffeeGo LLC was founded in 2008 and prides itself on being one of the largest online marketplaces for specialty coffee. Its online storefront stocks many types of gourmet coffee that cannot be found elsewhere.

A satisfied customer said: “GoCoffeeGo is a great one-stop shop for a huge variety of coffee. When I am looking to try something new, they are great at recommending products based on the coffees that I enjoy.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting https://www.gocoffeego.com/search/?q=Ethiopia

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