Toronto Criminal Law Firm: Doctors Professional Disciplinary Proceedings Launch

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An esteemed law firm serving the Toronto area (416-900-0998) announces an expansion of its services for doctors and medical professionals facing disciplinary proceedings.

The latest launch from William Jaksa Criminal Litigation extends the firm’s expertise to the medical fraternity, building a robust case for the defence of clients whose reputations and careers are in jeopardy. Mr. Jaksa and his team bring many years of experience in representing individuals in professional hearings, limiting any unnecessary collateral damage to defendants’ livelihoods.

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The announcement affirms Mr. Jaksa’s commitment to acting in the best interests of his clients at all times, explaining the complexities of the law and the regulations of governing bodies, and ensuring that they understand all of the options available to them. The firm’s updated services respond to the increasing pressure that the health profession in Canada finds itself under in the wake of the global pandemic.

Recent legislative changes in November of 2022, saw a restructuring of the disciplinary colleges that govern doctors’ conduct in Canada. The Health Professions and Occupations Act has reduced the number of health colleges from 16 to just six with the addition of a new independent disciplinary tribunal and complaints process. According to The Vancouver Sun, the move has provoked criticism from the medical establishment that it gives the government too much power in the regulation of the profession.

Mr. Jaksa advocates for a swift response when an individual is first made aware of a complaint or allegation made against them. The Jaksa team gathers evidence, assembles and prepares witnesses, and, where necessary, arranges expert testimony to bolster the case for the defence.

About William Jaksa

Mr. Jaksa attended law school at Windsor University and is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Criminal Lawyers Association, the Law Union, and the Canadian Bar Association. His firm was first established in 2007 and has since represented thousands of professionals in tribunals and criminal cases.

A spokesperson says, “William has developed the analytical and advocacy skills to ensure that every client’s rights, reputation and livelihood are defended at their disciplinary proceedings.”

William Jaksa Criminal Litigation is offering new clients a complimentary consultation to discuss the particulars of their cases.

Interested parties can find out more by calling 416-900-0998, or visiting