Pre-Launch Marketing For Startups: Brand Discoverability Strategies Revealed

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IdeaPros, a consultancy that specializes in entrepreneurial coaching, shares the latest webinar in its business education series.

Titled “Ready to Launch? Now What?,” the new webinar is suitable for companies that are launching a physical product or a digital app. It offers practical advice on how to develop a strong online presence, which helps maximize exposure for the launch and attract much-needed initial clients.

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IdeaPros Marketing Director Tessa Ashford and CEO Fred Cary are joined by Chris Pesek, president of Peak Degrees, in the video. Aside from providing post-launch advice, the trio also tackles a case study featuring one of the consultancy’s clients.


Cary and Pesek emphasize that starting a website is paramount when launching a product or app as it serves as an information hub for prospective clients. They discuss site-building services like Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress, and how they can be utilized in e-commerce.

The webinar also discusses Facebook and Google Pixels, as well as their role in analytics. The pair note that with this piece of code embedded in a website, entrepreneurs can use data to drive their strategy to attract more visitors.


The second half of the online video touches upon the various online methods that can be used to generate clicks and conversions. These include Facebook and Google advertising, both of which work on a cost-efficient pay-per-click (PPC) basis. Cary and Pesek add that building strong buyer demand through digital platforms can make it easier to convince brick-and-mortar stores to stock a product in the future.

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IdeaPros gives clients access to a community of seasoned executives who impart valuable advice on launching ventures and ensuring their long-term viability. It is headed by Fred Cary, a serial entrepreneur who has consulted with over 200 startups. The team has over 200 years of combined experience in critical business aspects such as marketing, positioning, resource management, and manufacturing.

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