Lima Digital Nomad Coworking Guide For Remote Workers & Freelancers Published

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Crucial Constructs, an educational platform for freelancers, has launched a new guide aimed at aspiring digital nomads who plan on visiting Lima.

Authored by remote working specialist Ashley Wells, her new guide is suited for digital nomads who are looking to sojourn or considering staying in Lima for an extended period. The guide includes a breakdown of tourist information and is designed to help traveling freelancers prepare for their trip to the South American city.

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In the guide, readers will find an introduction to Lima that explains some of the city’s history and main sightseeing attractions. To help remote workers organize their trip, Wells has given an overview of Peru’s visa requirements, which is essential for those who are considering applying for a migrant or tourist visa.

Readers will also learn about the cost of living in the area. The guide includes a breakdown of typical accommodation costs, and tells freelancers how much they should budget for things like food, travel, and going out.

To help digital nomads create a travel itinerary, Wells offers a list of things to see and do in the city. In particular, freelancers are instructed to see the historical site of Huaca Pucllana and visit the Miraflores Handicraft Market. For work, the guide features an overview of popular co-working spaces in the city. The author has recommended six of Lima’s co-working spaces and provided a pros and cons summary of each one.

Explaining why digital nomads might like to visit Lima, a spokesperson for the company says, “With a fascinating history, great architecture, and a lot of culture to soak up, Lima is a great location for any tourist, but it’s an especially solid choice for remote workers. The city is full of modern co-working spaces and also has great internet connectivity. Add to that, It is home to a large community of digital nomads, and with a thriving food and drink scene, there will be plenty for you to see and do.”

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Crucial Constructs is an online information resource for digital nomads, freelancers, and self-employed people. As well as offering tourist guides for remote working destinations around the world, they also create webinars and digital courses on topics related to eCommerce, digital marketing, and freelancing.

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