Off-Grid Solar Powered Backpack With Phone Charger & LED Light Launched

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Portable solar appliance expert GoSun announced the launch of its Solar Powered Backpack, which features a 10-watt solar panel and lithium battery.

GoSun’s new Solar Powered Backpack provides daypackers, travelers, and hikers with ample storage for their GoSun products and off-grid items while harnessing and storing energy for later use. The backpack can also be used as a survival bug-out bag in case of emergencies.

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Whether going for a picnic or venturing into harsh off-grid territories, or traveling, having the right tools and devices is important. Moreover, these tools and devices should be multipurpose and adaptable to different situations, climates, and terrains. GoSun’s Solar Powered Backpack can comfortably store a wide variety of implements while also providing a renewable power source.

The backpack has many features that are useful to customers. It has a large 10-watt solar panel and lithium battery, which can be used to charge devices. The backpack also comes with a set of four carabiners, which can be used to attach the panel to the outside of the backpack, allowing customers to charge it while they’re walking or hiking.

Inside the backpack is a powerful LED camping light. The light gives customers the ability to see the contents of the bag at nighttime, or while traveling by plane, train or bus, and can also be used to light tents and campsites. Other items that come with the backpack include a set of flatware utensils and an all-weather poncho.

The backpack itself is lightweight, waterproof, and durable. Weighing only 3 lbs, the bag is ergonomically designed to be worn comfortably for long periods. It also has lots of storage space and can hold a variety of GoSun products, such as coffee makers, power banks, and portable ovens.

“Finally, a backpack that can hold all my GoSun products,” said a satisfied customer. “I used to have to rig all kinds of straps to carry my equipment. Now it all easily fits and the backpack still feels comfortable on my shoulders. I also love that it has a light; it’s great to be able to see what’s in the backpack, especially when I’m traveling.”

About GoSun

Since 2016, GoSun has been helping customers power their lives with innovative and portable solar products. From its humble beginnings in a suburban Cincinnati garage, the company has grown to sell a range of solar ovens, coolers, power banks, water purification systems, trailers, accessories, and more.

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