Busy Signs With App Integrations Built For Office Managers

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BusyBox Corp., creators of the BusyBox LED smart sign, recently expanded its interactive sign offerings for office managers.

With the expansion, BusyBox Corp. is providing office managers with a simple and effective way of keeping their teams focused and improving productivity. The BusyBox LED door signs do this by displaying custom messages alerting others that work is in progress.

More details can be found at https://shop.busyboxsign.com

With many sectors still returning to in-office work after the pandemic, fears surrounding productivity and efficiency remain high. Compounding this is the growing number of distractions that employees have to contend with at the office. The BusyBox Smart Sign is designed to help limit these distractions and keep employees concentrated on their work.

The BusyBox Smart Sign is available in four different models—Standard, Digital, Remote, and Pixel. Both the Standard and Remote models include pre-set interchangeable messages that can be slid in and out of the device as needed. The messages are lit up with some offices using a traffic light system, with red for very busy, do not interrupt, yellow for focusing, and green for open to communicate. Six presets can be saved and controlled using the BusyBox Sign App for the Standard model and a traditional push button remote for the Remote Model.

The Digital and Pixel models feature HD screens that can be programmed to display customized messages. In the case of the Pixel model, the messages are displayed in a retro, 8-bit style. Like the Standard model, both the Digital and Pixel models are controlled using the BusyBox Sign App.

The BusyBox App can integrate and sync with other apps such as Google Calendar, Zoom, Google Assistant and Siri, creating a streamlined, hands free experience. This makes it ideal for busy offices with lots of projects going on at the same time.

“We bought a few BusyBoxes for our office and since then productivity has really improved,” said a satisfied customer. “Besides being an effective way of letting each other know how busy we are, they’ve also brought fun and creativity back to our team. Some of the work we do can be pretty dull, but the BusyBox has helped literally and figuratively lighten the mood.”

All four BusyBox LED Door Sign models are available for purchase on the BusyBox Corp. website.

About BusyBox Corp.

Inventor Steve Skillings created the BusyBox in March 2020 as a response to the constant interruptions he was experiencing while working from home during the pandemic. It has since been featured on the popular ABC entrepreneur show Shark Tank. Skillings is best known for redefining the music creation space with the 60 million user BandLab.com business.

Interested parties can find more information at https://shop.busyboxsign.com

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