Wireless Home Office Door Sign With LED Smart Display & Zoom Integration Launch

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BusyBox, a new device launched to help people manage their work-from-home office, uses remote and app-controlled signs to display whether a person is busy, available, or something else entirely.

Though many employees are now returning to the office, many are still working hybrid, meaning the number of people working from home offices is expected to continue to rise, with experts believing up to 36 million Americans will work from home by 2025. The new office management device launched by BusyBox helps to control access to home offices, by letting others know when the occupant is busy.

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Research has shown that up to 77% of remote employees can be more productive when working from home, but this number can vary widely based on their at-home work environment. The new devices from BusyBox offer a simple solution for creating an isolated work environment at home, that only requires turning on a sign.

The smart signs are available in a wide range of styles, from basic signs that are not connected to any apps or smartphones, to digital signs that can display any image sent from a connected device. While the basic model is controlled by a radio-frequency (RF) remote and have several light-up options, the more advanced versions include smart automation and integration options.

With an advanced BusyBox, users can have the sign display any image or text of their choosing, using the smartphone app. By connecting a BusyBox with a user’s calendar app, scheduled changes can be made automatically, such as having the sign display “Busy,” when a call is scheduled, or “Come In,” when the workday is over.

The premium versions of BusyBox also come with voice integration features, allowing users to adjust their signs using several popular voice assistants, including Siri and Google. Users with more than one BusyBox can also group several of the devices together, making it simple to adjust the message on all of their signs at the same time.

BusyBox is wireless, rechargeable, and comes with mounting strips included in the box. The advanced versions are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, and the basic version does not require any sort of smart device or app.

One satisfied user said, “When it arrived the quality of the HD screen blew my mind, and the overall build quality is better than I ever imagined. I’m loving it and my wife loves it even more… We’re using it all over the house now.”

More information about work-from-home office management devices, and BusyBox smart signs, can be found at https://shop.busyboxsign.com

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