Comprehensive Goa Digital Nomad Guide For Freelancers, Remote Workers Released

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Crucial Constructs, an information resource for freelancers, has launched a new guide aimed at helping self-employed individuals plan a business holiday in Goa.

The new guide was written by remote working specialist Ashley Wells for Goa-bound freelancers seeking reliable travel information. It includes advice on how to prepare for a vacation in Goa as well as a breakdown of amenities and attractions in the area.

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The author has rated Goa on a variety of criteria, such as cost of living, temperature, opportunity for adventure, and internet connectivity. The city has also been assessed in terms of family friendliness and lack of crime. In addition, the guide includes a pros and cons list.

Digital nomads will learn about the cost of living in the area, as Wells has included the typical costs for travel, groceries, and eating out expenses and given a breakdown of the average rent for each of the city’s suburbs. To help readers select a suitable workspace, she has also listed some of Goa’s most popular co-working offices.

To ensure remote workers can create a sightseeing itinerary, the author has featured many local landmarks and attractions in the guide. Suggestions include visiting a spice farm or one of the city’s many UNESCO world heritage sites. There is also a list of cafes, restaurants and bars that have been recommended by other digital nomads living and working in the city.

Summarizing why Goa is a popular destination for digital nomads, a spokesperson for the company says, “A digital nomad community has gathered in Goa in recent years – and for good reason. The city is buzzing with culture and heritage, offers delicious local cuisine, and is a safe and friendly destination. Remote workers will find many comfortable and modern co-working spaces here, as well as a great nightlife scene and plenty to see and do.”

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