Superone Trivia Gaming App Join Free To Play Launch From December 2022

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Smart Gamers Club has announced a new membership campaign for the Superone Online Trivia Gaming App Affiliate Platform. It allows interested parties to leverage a fast-growing industry and receive returns across seven different methods.

Be the first to play this revolutionary game when the free-to-play version which was released in December 2022.

The new announcement comes as Superone aims to transform the trivia gaming space through a unique gaming experience released during the FIFA World Cup which began on November 22 2022, and gamers can compete with rivals on a global scale.

More information about the pre-launch can be found at:

Following the latest move, the Smart Gamers Club is seeking supporters to back the platform as it continues to innovate in the trivia gaming space. “Creators” will be able to leverage six different methods including advertising revenue, NFT revenue, gaming action revenue, pool and super tokens, and referral bonuses.

Superone will also be releasing the Fandom metaverse, which is a space for virtual cities to develop. Fans will be able to interact through engaging hubs and socialize with other players digitally.

The Superone app features several crypto games supported on a unique blockchain gaming platform. The games provide instant rewards and this is combined with the use of crypto tokens as Superone seeks to combine tech, gaming, and networking through a robust framework. Tokens are minted in real-time and are owned and held through crypto wallets.

Industry research shows that the online gaming space is worth $300 billion annually, and the trivia niche accounts for 25% of the overall market. With data showing annual growth of 7% for this sector, Smart Gamers Club is providing an opportunity to invest in a fast-growing space.

To avoid financial concerns, the group emphasizes that Superone has commissioned consultancy firm KPMG to independently audit its financial system every month. Several games are available on the crypto and fiat hybrid platform, with real-time transactions for fans and enthusiasts. More trivia games will be added over time as the platform matures.

A spokesperson for the program states: “Gamers get paid to play against their opposition fans and even their favourite players and celebrities. Imagine them playing against your favourite player or celebrity. This is an unprecedented opportunity for new players like Superone to take the lion’s share of the market.”

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