North Carolina Farmhouse Style Cabinets For Airbnbs: Furniture Collection Update

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Rustics For Less, an online retailer of handcrafted solid wood furniture based out of North Carolina, has a new collection of farmhouse style cabinets.

The furniture crafters have released a new line of cabinets to suit both the dining room and living room that have all been hewn in solid wood and crafted in an artfully rustic, farmhouse style. Rustics For Less recommends these pieces to homeowners who want to entertain in style and they are also now reaching out to Airbnb owners who are looking to enhance the design scheme of their holiday rental property.

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The furniture designers at Rustics For Less appreciate that when it comes to both family homes and season rental properties, America’s taste is more aesthetically focused than ever. As such, the brand is proud to be reimagining the humble cabinet and crafting it in an array of new antique, country and ranch styles.

One popular new piece is their Mini Cabinet Armoire Nevada. This versatile piece can be easily fitted in an array of living spaces and Rustics For Less believes it is both subtle and style-defining.

Measuring 48.5″ high by 13.5″ deep and 19.5″ wide, this slimline cabinet has been handcrafted from sustainable pine wood.

The Nevada variant of the new cabinet has been made with a dark-stained pine top, a whitewashed body and a wrought iron handle. However, shoppers can also opt to purchase the same cabinet in a natural pine stain, or with a deliberately aged turquoise or redwood wash.

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For a more bespoke statement look, Rustics For Less also has new cabinets like their Cabana Small Cabinet. This solid wood, rustic colorful curio cabinet has two doors and glass panels. It is painted with turquoise and cream accents and then finished with an antique dark stain to give shoppers a truly vintage look.

The brand also offers larger Cabana Armoire, which features both closed and open cabinetry and even more variegated color hues with reds, turquoises and light mint green paint accents.

Rustics For Less is an online furniture retailer with solid wood pieces for the bedroom, living room, dining room, and more.

A spokesperson for the furniture makers said, “We want you to join the number of North Carolina Airbnb and property owners whose homes are showcasing our beautiful furniture.”

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