Invested Mom Announces Personalized Financial Mindset Education Program

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Invested Mom – a financial education platform for mothers – announces a new syllabus for its financial literacy program.

Invested Mom has launched a new educational program, which provides actionable strategies for both working and stay-at-home parents, offering a framework to improve their revenue prospects and generate new opportunities. The program is subscription-based and gives members lifetime access to engaging tools and learning resources.

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The announcement underlines Invested Mom founder Inge von Aulock’s commitment to helping new generations of women gain a new sense of financial independence. The course is self-paced, allowing subscribers to fit study time around their existing work or family commitments and complete the program at their convenience.

The course encourages enrollees to change their mindset regarding money both in terms of earning and their management of existing resources. Inge’s experience as a self-starter and successful business owner has all fed into the program’s content, offering real-world examples of what has worked for her and can work for her subscribers too.

Subscribers learn strategies for maximizing their existing employee benefits, ensuring they do not miss out on earning opportunities to which they are entitled. This approach extends to building one’s confidence and sense of self-worth to ultimately look for better and higher-paying jobs.

Other topics covered in the syllabus include debt management strategies with helpful tips about how to get oneself out of the red. Another module focuses on additional revenue streams and how to develop and implement income ideas that can easily run alongside a salaried position.

Invested Mom also provides some helpful guidance for those interested in making investments of their own. Inge’s program includes some suggestions that do not rely on having significant amounts of upfront capital.

The course also takes an in-depth look at how aspiring entrepreneurs can leverage platforms such as Linkedin to secure positions with better pay and better prospects.

“Financial literacy matters because it can help you achieve your financial goals and make informed decisions about your money,” says Inge von Aulock, company founder. “By understanding the basics of personal finance, you can avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that can lead to debt and financial insecurity,” she adds.

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