Handcrafted Pivoting-Syphon Coffee Machine | Precious Stone Collection Updated

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Although most people today drink coffee on the go and without much ceremony, coffee used to be a luxury item to be savoured. One company specializing in luxury coffee makers has released an updated collection based on historical brewing methods.

Royal Paris Coffee’s expanded collection of high-end coffee brewers features handcrafted designs made out of 24-karat gold and custom-made Baccarat glass. The machines are beautifully designed to combine art with function.

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With this update, Royal Paris Coffee positions itself as the leading provider of luxury coffee makers.

The company’s designs are based on the historical pivoting-syphon coffee maker used by the French aristocracy during the mid-19th century. These coffee makers consist of a glass bulb, which is filled with ground coffee, and a metal canister connected by a syphon. The machine doesn’t rely on electricity or artificial filters – users can simply light a flame underneath the canister and the heated water will move through to the connected glass bulb to make the coffee.

Royal Paris Coffee’s expanded collection of coffee machines provides clients with an immersive brewing experience, turning coffee drinking into an art. The coffee makers are great for hosting, giving guests an unforgettable dining experience.

The company offers a range of collections, each specializing in a different visual style. Machines from the Versailles collection, for example, are made from 24-karat gold and adorned with malachite, lapis lazuli or a black obsidian base.

For those with simpler tastes, the company’s classic collection features machines made from gold, silver, copper or bi-color metals. The elegant machine is then set on a finished wooden base.

Another option is the Avant-Garde collection. Created by French artist Jean-Luc Retort, the machine is designed with jewelry techniques in mind, giving the machine a unique look that shows unparalleled attention to detail.

Founded in 2017 by coffee connoisseur Maria Tindemands, Royal Paris Coffee has developed a strong reputation for its well-designed pieces and superior quality products. The company is committed to providing clients with a full sensory and immersive coffee experience.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The coffee syphons used by European Royals combined fire, steam, pressure, vacuum, and gravity to brew exquisite coffee fit for kings and queens. Our coffee machines similarly awaken all senses by refocusing the coffee experience to an immersive ceremony that ignites a symphony of magic and taste.”

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