Royal Gold Syphon Coffee Brewer | Handcrafted Versailles Collection Launched

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Bespoke American coffee machine retailer Royal Paris has launched a new Versailles-inspired model of their luxury 24-karat gold syphon coffee brewer.

The iconic Royal Paris coffee machine, which turns each brew into an immersive experience and each cup into a work of art, is now available in an elegant new design inspired by the royal palace and gardens at Versailles, one of the world’s most regal and beautiful places.

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For those who are not summering in Europe this year, Royal Paris is ready to help them bring a taste of Europe home to the US with their new Versailles collection. Capturing the way the palace and its gardens are in full bloom at this time of year, resplendent with color and glistening under a vivid blue Parisian sky, the bespoke coffee machine makers believe their indulgent new brewer will make anyone feel like a French royal.

Embodying the lush and sumptuous textures of the palace, the Versailles collection provides an artistic brewing experience every time one makes a coffee. The syphon brewer is hewn in pure 24-karat gold and is accented with custom-made and hand-painted Baccarat glass.

This fine and intricately designed machine stands atop a semi-precious gemstone base. For this hand cut and polished base, customers can choose from deep sea-green malachite, bold blue lapis lazuli or glistening black obsidian.

The design of this fine machine was inspired by that which was used by Franz Joseph, the emperor of Austria, at his now legendary 1850 Royal Banquet. The device is said to have dazzled the crowd of society’s most wealthy and elite, that had been gathered for this glamorous evening, and produced the finest coffee that anyone in attendance had ever tasted.

True to its legacy, the Royal Paris promises not just an aesthetic experience but rich, perfectly brewed coffee.

Interested customers can select from the new Versailles collection or their Avant Garde, Classic and Modern lines of syphon brewers.

Royal Paris is proud to offer its customers a rare piece of functional art, an immersive experience with a royal lineage, and a coffee machine masterpiece.

A spokesperson for the luxury retailer said, “We create pieces of art that allow you to lose yourself in luxurious moments. Each collection is a statement of extraordinary taste and a magnificent object of art that inspires and transforms. There are no artificial filters and no electricity is used in the brewing process. The magic of the natural elements fire and water ignite a mind-blowing coffee experience you will never forget.”

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