Amazon FBA Automation For Sellers: Ascend CapVentures Expands Its Offerings

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Will Basta, the co-founder of Ascend CapVentures, has announced a new update to their service with a view to improving conversion for Amazon FBA sellers.

The latest update focuses on establishing long-term growth for Amazon stores, with a results-backed strategy in place to help members scale their business to new heights.With over 400 e-commerce professionals within the team, Ascend CapVentures has helped over 500 clients to achieve their growth goals.

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The latest announcement comes as industry research shows there are now over 9.5 million Amazon sellers globally, with over 3.6 billion products sold last year. Will Basta has now updated the Ascend CapVentures system to help more aspiring business owners launch and scale their ventures based on proven approaches.

The move is the latest in a series of innovations as the team continues to adjust its data-driven strategy for clients across sectors. The system now is expanded with two addtional warehouse facilities and works over several months, beginning with clients’ stores going live and establishing a full backend setup.

The system is designed to bring desired targets within 6-12-18 and 24 months, and when the monthly number is achieved, the team will offer additional options to help the business accelerate further. This includes FFY brand building and expanding to new platforms, adding private-label products, and more.

A spokesperson states: “Stake your claim and dominate as an Amazon seller when we deploy our unique hybrid model, advanced infrastructure, and proprietary product sourcing strategies. We’ve used this model to build, operate, and scale more than 400 successful Amazon FBA businesses to date.”

About Will Basta

Will Basta is a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, and venture capitalist based in Los Angeles, California. He has helped Ascend CapVentures scale to become an eight-figure e-commerce investment management and logistics company. In three years, the company has generated 50 million in revenue.

Aside from his involvement in Ascend Ecom, Will Basta also has a significant real estate portfolio worth $7 million. This includes five rental properties in the trendy Venice, CA neighborhood, and international investments in the financial and hospitality sectors. Additionally, Will Basta is committed to philanthropy and has invested in clean water projects globally.

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