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Behind the Work has released a new report detailing its successful marketing campaign with Santa Fe Christian Schools. The San Diego-based private Christian school sought an expert content creation solution to attract and nurture prospects.

With annual tuition up to $21,000, the school understood that families needed confidence in the program in order to make a commitment. The new report shows how Behind the Work achieved this through a multi-faceted campaign focusing on kindergarten and middle school.

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With the latest release, the Illinois-based marketing agency continues to expand its case study library with a view to educating potential clients on the growth potential of expert-led content marketing.

Santa Fe Christian Schools (SFC) had an in-house marketing team prior to contacting Behind the Work but realized it lacked the necessary resources to achieve its goals.

The aim of the campaign was to increase tours booked for kindergarten parents, drive more tour signups for middle school families, and create a more engaging online presence for current parents.

Marketing strategies included designing an ungated pillar page to provide value to interested families. The intention was to build an asset that showcased the personalized learning opportunities available through an alternative to public schooling.

Behind the Work also created a ‘Kickoff Questionnaire’ to provide more tailored guidance and resources, and allow SFC to get deeper insights into their leads. Alongside this, a weekly podcast was created to keep current parents more engaged.

Private Christian schools are increasingly turning to content marketing to attract and engage prospective families while also nurturing their existing community, explains Behind the Work. By leveraging the power of storytelling, these schools are able to showcase their mission and values while also evangelizing their current families.

A spokesperson for SFC said: “They had great ideas for different content pieces to target each group, and I think more than anything, it permitted us to just target a group instead of trying to be everything to everybody. It focused us and was a change from the blanket approach we had taken in the past.”

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