New Bible Reading Program Helps Christians Read the Bible Chronologically

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In fact, the vast majority of Christians have never even considered it, let alone done it.

Ever Read the Bible All of the Way Through?

That’s a great question! One that many Christians haven’t much thought about! In fact, the vast majority of Christians have never even considered it, let alone done it.

It is a known fact that:

1 – Less than 10% of all Christians have ever read the Bible all of the way through. Many have never even considered doing it, or thought it was not attainable for them.

2 – Most Christians have difficulty understanding many parts of the Bible. Although a few major Bible texts are familiar and well understood, large sections of the Bible remain obscure to the average layman.

3 – Because 21st Century life is so fast paced, many Christians have left meaningful devotional times with God out of their lives. That may be because they have not known how to confidently approach this subject.

A new Bible reading program has been released which approaches the Bible in a new and unique way than most people are used to. It offers the reader an opportunity to read all of the way through the Bible – to do it chronologically – and to do it in just a year! For people who have never done that, which includes the vast majority of people, it offers them a chance to stand out in their peer groups, and to satisfy their deep desire to please the God they serve.

The author of the program, David Shreve, has put all of those prophetical writings where they belong, verse by verse. It completely changes a person’s understanding of the Bible! The same is true of Job, the Psalms, Proverbs and the other books of the Old and New Testaments. Each is placed where they occurred. Imagine reading a psalm when the event which precipitated its writing occurred. That psalm just comes to life!

All of the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – has been re-arranged. It’s just fascinating!

And there’s more. The author has filled “Through the Bible . . . as It Happened” with over 1,200 pages of commentary notes, all written by himself. His education comes from Cedarville University, where he received a degree in Bible and in Greek. He has researched and taught the Bible for nearly 50 years, so he is certainly not a novice in this field. He would be described as evangelical conservative.

This program began in 1974, when there were no chronological Bible reading systems in place, and has been continually revised since that time. Launched to the general public in 2023, it may become a standard in Christian circles.

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