Woodhall Spa Private Clinic Knee MRI 24 Hour Results, No Waiting List Announced

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Open MRI (0333 335 5848), a private MRI diagnostic clinic in Lincolnshire County, has launched a new fast-access and 24-hour results program for clients near Woodhall Spa, that includes immediate appointments when necessary.

By allowing online booking with no GP referral required, the private Open MRI clinic near Woodhall Spa helps clients to access the only Open MRI scanner in Lincolnshire county, and receive their results in as little as 24 hours after their scan.

More information about the private clinic, the Open MRI device, and the no-referral online booking system can be found at https://www.openmri.co.uk

The new fast-access appointments all use a fully FISM-approved MRI scanner, overseen by a UK Certified Harley Street specialist Musculoskeletal Consultant Radiologist, and never by reporting Radiographers. Every client will also be given the opportunity to schedule an in-depth appointment to discuss their results, with the clinic’s Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

The updated online booking system allows any client to schedule their own visit, even if they are not entirely sure of their needs. While clients who know which body part they need scanned can schedule the appointment directly, the clinic also offers optional pre-scan consultations where clients can discuss their symptoms, and which body part they need to be scanned, with an in-house specialist.

After an appointment is complete, clients can receive their results in as little as 24 hours, which will include a digital copy of the images, and a consultant radiologist’s report. The clinic also offers in-depth virtual (screen-share) or in-person appointments with a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon to go over the MRI results slide-by-slide.

Clients who need more than one body part scanned can schedule up to 3 body parts per appointment, with each additional scan requiring an extra 40 – 50 minutes at the clinic. For certain injuries, clients may also wish to schedule a “Dynamic Scan,” which is only possible using an Open MRI device, instead of the traditional style.

A Dynamic Scan can show interactions that happen when a joint is in motion, compared to a traditional MRI which can only produce a still image. This highly specialised service can take up to 90 minutes to perform a single scan, though it is unnecessary for most common injuries.

An excerpt from the clinic’s website explains, “There is no need for a GP or medical consultant referral. You can easily refer yourself for an MRI scan via our online system. If you know what you want, simply tell us about which part of the body you want scanned. Answer some safety questions and book online the time and date that works for you.”

More information about Open MRI scanners, Dynamic MRI Scans, and the Open MRI clinic’s self-referral program can be found at https://www.openmri.co.uk

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