Redwood City Service Now Offers Socialization on Regular Group Dog Walks

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PAWS Dog Camp offers group walks to give Redwood City dogs the opportunity to explore their environment & discover new sights and smells, which can be quite stimulating for them mentally.

Group walking with other dogs can be an incredibly beneficial experience for your puppy. Not only does it provide them with ample amounts of physical exercise, but it also offers them the chance to socialize and make new friends. PAWS Dog Camp offers group walking as a service to give pups in Redwood City and the San Francisco Bay Area from Milbrae to Menlo Park the opportunity to explore their environment and discover new sights and smells, which can be quite stimulating for them mentally. Group walking provides them with a sense of security as they are surrounded by others who understand their needs and language.

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PAWS Dog Camp is pleased to provide group dog walking services for canine friends. PAWS Dog Camp has been a leading provider of dog services since 1999. This service was created to provide dogs a place to run about and play with other canine pals without worrying about their safety. The PAWS Dog Camp group walks can have many positive effects on your dog’s health and happiness. Your dog needs exercise, mental stimulation, and socializing, all of which may be provided by participating in frequent group walks.

“We understand the importance of socialization for dogs, and the benefits of group walking for their mental and physical well-being, that’s why we’re happy to offer our group walking services, which will provide a great opportunity for Redwood City dogs to bond, burn off energy, and enjoy the company of other dogs,” said Trina, owner of PAWS Dog Camp.

PAWS Dog Camp’s group walking services are available for dogs of all sizes and breeds and are led by experienced and trained dog handlers. All dogs are walked in groups at “the Ranch,” a multi-acre site in Montara that the PAWS family owns. There is fencing around the perimeter so that dogs can run around and play in an open but safe space. PAWS Dog Camp is dedicated to providing the best possible care for dogs and their owners, and is committed to ensuring that every dog receives the love, attention, and exercise they need to live a happy and healthy life.

PAWS Dog Camp is fully insured through Pet Sitters Association, LLC, and is certified by Pet Tech through their ‘First Aid & Care for your Pets’ training.

PAWS Dog Camp dog walking rates are also competitive. You can count on your pets to be secure, content, and well-exercised for only $50 for each canine adventure, which includes pick up and drop off service. Discounts are also given if you have more than one dog, so you can rest assured that no fur baby will miss out on the fun. PAWS Dog Camp business owners are hands-on and committed to ensuring the satisfaction of each dog and its owner.

PAWS Dog camp provides several services for canine companions, including group walks. Visit for more information or to schedule a walk for your dog.