Arkansas Unwanted Land Buyer: Cash Offer For Raw, Vacant Lot Parcels Announced

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Land Avion updates its successful private land acquisition program, now offering fast cash sales for parcels of unwanted land in Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, and several other states.

The service applies to most types of unwanted property, including rural and remote, forestry, residential, and commercial. Following the submission of property details via the firm’s website, owners will be offered an all-inclusive cash price, with the closure of sales typically occurring in as little as 30 days.

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The expansion of Land Avion’s acquisition program allows owners to sell unwanted parcels of land that have not been sold through other channels, or in a variety of legal circumstances. These can include avoiding foreclosure due to overdue tax payments, divorce proceedings, or wishing to liquidate inherited property.

While developed lots in urban areas typically sell in a relatively short timeframe, parcels of land in rural areas can take significantly longer to find a buyer. In cases where a real estate agent is assisting, several deductions will come out of the sale price, including realtor fees, commissions, and closing costs.

Land Avion’s updated program is designed as a rapid and transparent alternative to those traditional sales methods. Owners are invited to complete a short form via the firm’s website, following which representatives will conduct research on the area, and then offer a cash sum that reflects local market conditions.

While the company states that rural areas are the most frequent requests, Land Avion accepts submissions for land in any location or condition. This can include residential or commercial use lots that are in need of improvements or have not yet been developed.

About Land Avion

First established in New Mexico, Land Avion has been involved in private property acquisition since the 1990s, allowing it to greatly refine and streamline its processes. The latest expansion is a testament to the success and popularity of the service, with further states expected to be included in the near future.

“I was offered a better and faster cash deal compared to other places, and it was all done in the span of hours,” one property owner recently stated. “This was far better than dealing with real estate agents, who take weeks or months to reply and then take a huge cut of your profits. With this program, I barely did any paperwork, and I quickly received a cash deal that had absolutely no side fees.”

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