Magnolia, WA Home Roof Cleaning: Moss & Algae Removal Service Launched

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Seattle Window Cleaners (+1-206-453-3936) has announced a new update to its professional roof cleaning services for homeowners in the Magnolia area. The team offers full cleaning and moss treatments for any type of roofing.

The new move expands the range of services available to local homeowners and provides them with a way to avoid rotting or water damage. The cleaners explain that moss and algae are common problems for those in the Seattle area, and professional cleaning is an effective solution.

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Moss and algae growth can be particularly harmful to roofs, especially in regions with high humidity and rainfall. These growths can cause damage to shingles and tiles, leading to costly repairs and even more serious issues like leaks and water damage. They can also make roofs slippery and dangerous to walk on, posing a risk to homeowners who attempt to clean their roofs themselves. Seattle Window Cleaners’ new service is designed to help customers take the initiative to protect their homes from the dangers of a neglected roof.

The company uses specialized equipment and techniques to safely and effectively remove moss and algae from roofs, while also preventing future growth. In addition to protecting against damage and keeping homes safe, the service can also improve the overall aesthetic of the home.

Seattle Window Cleaners explains that taking a DIY approach to roof cleaning is often dangerous. According to the National Safety Council, falls are the third leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths in the United States. The risk of falling is significantly higher when attempting to clean a roof without proper equipment and training.

“Unfortunately, moss and algae are common problems for residential roofs in the greater Seattle area,” a spokesperson said. “Moss, especially, can lead to the rotting of your sub-roofing, damage your shingles, and cause larger scale water damage that can be more costly than simply taking care of them with routine cleaning.”

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