AI Generated High-Resolution Images: Art & Content Creation Program Updated

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Jasper, a professional AI creative assistant, has officially launched its image generation feature to complement its text capabilities.

Already widely recognized for its text generation capabilities, Jasper is one step closer to becoming a full-service content generator with the launch of its newest feature. Now, users of the AI assistant can switch between generating text and images all within one program.

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Much like other popular image generators, Jasper converts users’ prompts into several images, which can then be iterated upon and refined until they meet their needs. Once generated using the recently added capability, images can be used without a watermark.

While opinions on AI-generated art still vary widely, the utility of such precise, high-quality imagery has been quickly recognized and employed for everything from personal inspiration to advertising. As the technology develops almost as quickly as the demand for content, all forms of creative work may come increasingly to rely on such AI tools.

Originally branded as an AI copywriter, Jasper’s capabilities already included all manner of text generation, from captions to scripts, in over 25 languages. As the platform developed, it was integrated with Surfer SEO optimization, elevating it from copywriter to marketing application.

With the launch of its newest feature, Jasper is now capable of both writing and illustrating entire blog posts and articles. If the platform continues to develop in this direction, it may not be long before users can expect a full-service, AI-driven content generation tool.

Until then, Jasper is already making itself an indispensable tool to thousands of businesses and individuals alike. With the power of AI-generated and optimized text and images at each user’s fingertips, Jasper is well on its way to becoming a staple of creative work everywhere.

A spokesperson for the company shared on the benefits of AI-generated art, saying that users “can stop spending hours hunting for stock photos or trying to photoshop by themselves. They can just tell Jasper what they want, and watch it create unique AI art in seconds.”

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