Phoenix Interior Door Replacement: Construction-Free Installation Process Update

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One Day Doors & Closets of Arizona (602-755-3702) has announced the introduction of 3D-measuring technology to their installation process, fitting customers with new doors more quickly and precisely.

As a local leader in door replacement, One Day Doors & Closets has launched an innovative new process to replace any type of interior door without the messy construction and costly mistakes of traditional installation methods.

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With the launch of the company’s cutting-edge 3D-measuring technology, a technician can scan the unique dimensions of each doorway, capturing and recording them accurately within 1/1,000th of an inch. This level of precision enables each door to be custom-milled and professionally painted in the company’s factory, rather than in the customer’s home.

Every unnecessary tool or material can be a liability to a homeowner. One study from Trusted Choice found that homeowners regularly pay upwards of $30,000 for debris removal claims from mishandled renovations. Even when handling small projects, the less work that has to be done in the home, the less personal and financial risk a homeowner assumes.

One Day Doors & Closets’ updated five-step installation process utilizes their 3D-measuring technology to minimize the time and materials needed to fit and install new doors in a home. From start to finish, it only takes a few hours with technicians and installers to restore any kind of door with a fully customized, perfectly fitted replacement.

The process begins with a 15-minute complimentary consultation to ensure that the doors in question are good candidates for replacement. Afterward, customers are invited to their local Phoenix showroom to select and customize the materials and style for their new door.

Once a customer has chosen a design, a 3D-measuring technician will arrive to collect the precise measurements of the doorways. This part of the process takes only a few minutes, after which the measurements are sent to the factory, which custom-mills each door. Finally, installers arrive with the finished doors, simply situating each in its frame without any need for construction or alteration.

A spokesperson for the company shared their satisfaction with the process, saying that “homeowners are always amazed with the transformation our beautiful new doors create for their entire home, and they’re delighted by the quick and easy process.”

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