St Heliers Porcelain Dental Crowns | Chipped Teeth Restoration Treatment Update

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A St. Heliers dental practice headed by Dr Dave Richard (09 585 0205) now offers fast, all-in-one-visit tooth restoration using dental crowns.

Suitable for patients with a broken, chipped, or severely weakened tooth structure, Dr Richard’s latest dental crown treatments allow patients to regain their full bite power and desired smile aesthetics in one dentist appointment. The procedure, which is completed using dental crowns milled in-house, offers a lasting solution to patients’ persistent tooth pain and sensitivity.

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The new procedure offered by Dr Richards is minimally invasive and a more cost-effective alternative to traditional crowns. It can be used to restore a single tooth or multiple teeth and is a highly conservative restorative dental technique, unlike implants.

Dr Richard explains dental crowns are tooth-shaped “caps,” which are made from biomimetic materials, such as ceramic and porcelain, that can be customised to reflect the natural look, feel, grooves, and shape of a patient’s tooth. These prosthetics are worn over the affected tooth and cemented in place to strengthen and prevent the tooth from further damage.

Since porcelain crowns are durable, often lasting for up to fifteen years, patients do not have to replace them regularly compared to other filling materials.

“Our teeth are the gateway to our body and therefore the top priority is function. Ceramic and porcelain materials are much harder wearing than composite resin materials and remain the closest comparison to a natural tooth strength,” the practice explained on its website.

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Dr. Richard also offers porcelain veneers, a fast and painless cosmetic procedure used to improve the appearance of patients’ front teeth. The treatment involves placing ultra-thin sheaths of porcelain in front of the teeth to cover blemishes.

Veneers are the ideal solution for deeply discoloured teeth, as they can achieve a more lasting white smile than traditional teeth whitening procedures. It can also be used to correct tooth alignment and make the front teeth appear to be the same size.

Aside from the dental treatments listed above, Dr Richard offers implant treatments, dental cleanings, root canal therapy, dental fillings, and extractions. He serves patients from Glendowie, Kohimarama, Mission Bay, Orakei, Meadowbank, and St. Johns.

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