Armonk Bankruptcy Attorney For Sole Proprietors, Chapter 13 Lawyer: Update

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Armonk bankruptcy attorney (800-593-7491) expands Chapter 13 services for sole proprietors.

Armonk, New York-based Jafri Law Firm is updating its services for sole proprietors looking for expert legal representation for Chapter 13 bankruptcy – an option allowing them to restructure their debt and create a repayment plan.

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The announcement sees the company offer complete legal resources for solo proprietors at a time when many small business owners in the United States are struggling to stay afloat after the economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy option allows solo proprietors to repay their debts over a period of three to five years, giving them a chance to restructure their finances and potentially save their businesses.

The firm’s attorneys are equipped to handle complex cases involving multiple creditors and significant debt, working closely with each client to help them regain control of their finances and create a sustainable financial plan for their businesses.

With the latest update, Jafri Law Firm continues to expand its legal services and resources for businesses, independent contractors, and sole proprietors in Armonk and the surrounding areas.

“Our firm has concentrated its practice exclusively on helping businesses tackle and overcome what seems like insurmountable debt,” said a company representative. “Our aim is for you and your business to get a fresh start, reorganize assets or even liquidate.”

About Jafri Law Firm

Founded by experienced bankruptcy and debt attorney Farva Jafri, Jafri Law Firm comprises a team of corporate trial lawyers and strategists dedicated to helping small businesses, sole proprietors, and independent contractors get expert legal representation. The firm has won Avvo’s 2020 Clients’ Choice Award.

A satisfied client said: “Ms. Jafri has represented me as both a defendant and plaintiff in litigation. The issues were very complex and related to insurance fraud. Ms. Jafri always contacted me to clarify facts and issues in the case. She brought me settlement offers and provided me with the counsel I needed. Litigation is very stressful, but Ms. Jafri made things a lot easier to deal with. I would highly recommend her.”

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