Home Security System Business Marketing: Hyper-Targeted Content Campaigns Launch

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Tetomato, a digital marketing agency focused exclusively on the security industry, has launched new hyper-targeted local content campaigns that help security-related businesses to grow their brand organically, with a focus on local clients.

These new marketing campaigns launched by Tetomato have been optimized specifically for local security companies, and use hyper-targeted localized content in a variety of multimedia formats to build brand awareness and visibility, without relying on traditional advertising.

More information about Tetomato, hyper-local branding campaigns, and brand visibility strategies that do not use advertising can be found at Tetomato.com

While traditional ads rely on forcing potential customers to view content, the new marketing strategy from Tetomato takes the opposite approach, by creating content that potential customers will search for on their own. Each piece of content will contain useful information about the brand and services, as well as links back to its website.

The strategy utilizes an entirely “Done-For-You” approach that encourages clients to make suggestions or edits for their campaigns but does not require them to do any of their own marketing. After each piece of content is created, it will be available for review by the client before it goes live, to ensure it meets their highest quality standards.

Content is available in 6 multimedia formats, so that information about a client’s brand will be accessible in any format potential customers prefer, including podcasts, videos, blogs, and infographics. Clients can also suggest topics or headlines for each campaign, or the Tetomato marketing team can perform research on the client’s website, and their competitors, to find the most effective targets.

This campaign technique was optimized for the security industry by Val Cameron, a media marketing and business growth expert, and the founder of Tetomato. Cameron uses a combination of low-competition keywords, hyper-local targeting, and backlinking to help local businesses rank for highly competitive industry terms. More information about Val Cameron and Tetomato can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/val-cameron-3649a125a

The Tetomato marketing strategy was also recently featured in a “Grow Your Security Business” report, which explains in-depth how the campaigns work, and how they differ from traditional advertising techniques. The report also details how content campaigns can improve a brand’s authority by positioning the company as a local industry leader.

More information about Tetomato, multimedia content campaigns, and the “Grow Your Security Business” report can be found at https://growsecuritybusiness.com

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