US National Highly Rated Expert Real Estate Agent Consultation Service Expanded

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Buyer Agent Search (+1-800-383-7188) has expanded its national service that provides individuals with a list of the best real estate agents for buying and selling properties in a particular region.

The expansion of this information service helps to ensure that Americans currently in the property market get access to the best price when looking to purchase or sell a house. As any activity within the property market incurs a significant financial commitment, it’s important that homeowners have access to proper third-party oversight during the process.

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With the development of this education portal, Buyer Agent Search is empowering real estate buyers to access the best and most competent realtors in the United States. Anybody who chooses to avail of the service can search for all eligible realtors located within a specific region. All realtors are certified members of the National Buyers Agents Association, meaning they are constantly reviewed and rated by clients.

In the United States, there are on average 10 realtors for every property listing. Realtors play a crucial role during the sale or purchase of a property. A study conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that property owners receive 3% – 9.5% more for a property when it’s sold with the help of a realtor. A further survey also concluded that 82% of relator-mediated sales can be attributed to them contacting a previous client.

Buyer Agent Search provides a completely free consultation service for all real estate buyers and sellers. The service is led by Kathleen Chiras, an industry veteran who has managed state and national associations for more than 23 years. Kathleen’s primary motivation for creating this service is to educate and protect American homeowners.

The company has been featured on a number of different high-profile American media channels. All of the realtors featured on the platform have been vetted for experience, reputation, and the nature of customer feedback. At the time of writing, the company has helped more than 80,000 people to the appropriate real estate agent.

Based in Evergreen, Colorado, Buyer Agent Search works diligently to safeguard real estate buyers and sellers.

One satisfied client said: “Couldn’t be more pleased or impressed. Kathleen combines a wealth of experience with a high level of efficiency and makes you feel like she is genuinely interested in your needs and goals.”

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