BitBox02 Crypto Hardware Wallet 2023 | SD Passcode & Seed Phrase Storage Launch

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The Crypto Merchant, an online resource for token traders, has launched two new versions of the BitBox02 crypto storage wallet from ShiftCrypto, both of which include built-in seed phrase storage using a microSD card.

The new BitBox02 hardware wallet, built by ShiftCrypto and launched on The Crypto Merchant website, comes in two different versions, both of which include a new recovery feature that automatically writes a user’s recovery seed phrase to a microSD card.

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ShiftCrypto, a Swiss crypto wallet manufacturer, designed the BitBox02 as a more portable alternative to the standard hardware, at just over half the size of similar products such as the KeepKey and Ledger Nano X. Though smaller, the device still has similar security features, a relatively large OLED display, and touch-sensitive controls.

Cryptocurrency traders can restore the contents of lost, stolen, or damaged hardware wallets using a recovery seed phrase that is determined when their wallet is set up. Unfortunately, this process only works if the phrase is copied clearly and correctly, and does not get damaged in storage. The BitBox02 has a new feature that quickly writes a user’s recovery seed phrase to an included microSD card, to ensure it is copied correctly and in a safe location.

This feature works on both the Bitcoin-only version and the Multi-coin version of the BitBox02. While the devices are nearly identical, ShiftCrypto has built the Bitcoin-only version using a minimalist software approach that also minimizes the potential weaknesses a cyber-criminal can attempt to exploit.

While the Multi-coin version requires more complicated software to be compatible with additional tokens, it has also been verified secure by leading experts. Using open-source technology, ShiftCrypto allows independent security professionals and crypto enthusiasts to inspect, analyze, and test the software running on their wallets, to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

Both versions of the BitBox02 hardware wallet are compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, and Android devices.

One satisfied trader said, “It’s well made and easy to use, and can be used as a FIDO2 2-factor as well. It can be used both with mobile and desktop. The apps are intuitive and look good. A great alternative to the established players in the hardware wallet space.”

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