Montclair, NJ Bicycle Accident Representation | Personal Injury Law Firm Update

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The personal injury attorneys at the Montclair, NJ office of NJ Injury Guys (551-230-4999) have updated their legal services, offering to represent the parents of children injured in bicycle crashes.

Given the statute of limitation for bike accident injury claims in New Jersey, the Montclair accident attorneys are now reaching out to local residents who were involved in a bicycle accident in the past two years.

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The service update from the local lawyers responds to recent data indicating that adolescents and young adults have the highest rate of incidents that resulted in injuries requiring a visit to the emergency room. Specifically, the CDC estimates that over 130,000 cyclists are injured in road crashes in the US annually, with people aged between 10 and 24 making up nearly a third of the injuries that require emergency treatment.

NJ Injury Guys recognize the worry these kinds of statistics can induce for the parents of young cyclists, as well as the stress and financial burden of supporting their children in their recovery if they are injured while on the road. The firm’s team of accident attorneys has years of experience litigating bike crash cases involving cars and other motor vehicles.

After a consultation, they can offer victims and their parents guidance on which legal pathways they can take to recover financial compensation from those responsible, whether they are motorists, other cyclists, or even irresponsible pedestrians. This includes discussing with them the factors that go into calculating how much they may be owed in damages, such as the severity of the primary victim’s injuries.

Once the details of the accident have been confirmed, the firm’s lawyers will begin compiling witness statements from onlookers, as well as sourcing medical records and other paperwork that can be used to prove liability. The lawyers can use this information to help bicycle accident victims and their family members seek compensation from the liable party with the intention of recuperating the cost of medical bills, loss of income, and emotional suffering.

A spokesperson for NJ Injury Guys said, “As an experienced New Jersey bicycle accident law firm, we can guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit; we can also advise you on factors to consider when determining a bicycle accident settlement.”

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