Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp Chews To Reduce Separation Anxiety In Dogs Announced

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PetVetsRx, a leading online retailer of alternative pet health products and treats announces their value-priced, organic broad-spectrum dog chews specially formulated to reduce separation anxiety.

With this latest announcement, PetVetsRx gives dog owners struggling to help their pets overcome separation anxiety a vet-approved, easy-to-administer solution. Hemp Oil Dog Treats are made with 2 mg of premium broad-spectrum hemp extract which has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety in dogs. USDA-certified organic and value-priced, chews are a healthy and cost-effective alternative to pharmaceuticals pet owners can feel good about incorporating into their pet’s daily diet.

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In 2018, the US legalized hemp cultivation at the federal level. Since then, researchers have conducted numerous studies and gained a wealth of knowledge about the health benefits the hemp plant offers. With their newly announced Hemp Oil Dog Treats, PetVets Rx is putting these natural compounds to work. The company’s all-natural bacon beef-flavored chews are made to support a pet’s health while calming them during stressful times.

“Our Hemp Oil Dog Treats offer dog owners a natural solution to their pet’s separation anxiety,” says a spokesperson for PetVetsRx. “The treats are made with the highest quality organic hemp extract, are third-party tested, and are vet-approved.”

Separation anxiety is an issue the American Kennel Club (AKC) says can affect dogs of all ages. One of the ways pet owners can help manage their dogs’ separation anxiety, says the AKC, is through natural hemp-based treats or supplements. Hemp extract contains chemical compounds known as phytocannabinoids, non-psychoactive constituents that work to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Hemp Oil Dog Treats from PetVets Rx contain premium water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp extract as well as adaptogenic herbs that have also been shown to reduce anxiety in dogs. The chews can be given as a treat, and as a reward.

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PetVets Rx is committed to providing safe and effective hemp-based products that promote pet health and well-being. Their treats and tinctures are lab tested, all-natural, and manufactured in the US.

A PetVetsRx customer says, “My dog was having severe anxiety issues, and nothing seemed to help. A friend recommended PetVets Rx hemp oil dog chews and after just a few days I saw a noticeable difference in my dog’s behavior. He’s calmer and more relaxed, and I am so grateful that I found this solution.”

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