Beverly Hills Prenuptial Law Firm Refocuses on High-Net-Worth Prenup Agreements

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Beverly Hills Family Law Firm Atighechi Group’s founder Maryam Atighechi recently appeared on The Attorney Post Podcast to announce a dramatic shift in her firm’s principle focus: prenuptial agreements for high-net worth couples.

Beverly Hills Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Maryam Atighechi, founder and principal family law attorney of Southern California’s Atighechi Law, recently appeared on The Attorney Post to discuss her firm’s expertise in prenuptial agreements for high net worth couples, and the reasons for her firm choosing recently to focus more intensely on serving clients needing this particular service. Atighechi Law is a family law firm that specializes in handling complex family law cases for high net worth clients across California.

During the podcast interview where she discussed this shift, Atighechi discussed the importance of prenuptial agreements (or “premarital agreements”), for high net worth couples, emphasizing the need for customized and transparent agreements that reflect the individual needs of each client. It was noted that many of her firm’s clients have significant assets going into a marriage – such as businesses, real estate, and investments – that they wish to protect in the event of divorce. A prenuptial agreement definitely facilitates division of assets, and can provide a clear roadmap for how those assets will be divided, as well as help avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

The Beverly Hills Prenup Lawyer’s episode can be viewed at The Attorney Post’s website, as well as listened to across most podcast channels and can also be viewed on YouTube:

“When you sign a marriage license, that’s a contract,” stated Atighechi, pointing out that signing that marriage license without consulting a premarital agreement lawyer is signing off on the California Family Code, and its pre-established arrangements for things like property division, asset division, and more. “The Marital agreement is a binding financial agreement – a legal document – that governs not only marital property but even separate property potentially brought into the marriage, even from a previous divorce.” Atighechi noted that premarital agreements (“prenups”) were crucial for all parties entering a marriage, but especially high-net-worth individuals, as they are often, “unaware of the terms of the contract… no one knows the terms of the contract before they get married because that terms are the California Family Code section,” and that those terms ultimately can destroy businesses.

“There is no possibility of a premarital agreement providing for child custody in the eventuality of divorce, as child custody issues can change based on the needs of the child, and child custody modifications often happen at multiple times during the tenure of a divorced couple’s lifetime,” noted Atighechi. “Prenuptial agreements are fundamentally for financial issues and asset protection, particularly in the event of a contested divorce. Prenup agreements often make the cost and necessity of hiring a divorce attorney significantly less.” Atighechi Law Group does provide Family Law services that would encompass child support and child custody modifications under the aegis of their family law division.

Atighechi emphasized the importance of full financial disclosure and clear communication in the prenuptial agreement process, and noted that her firm takes a team-based approach to client representation to ensure comprehensive and high-quality representation.

As a well-respected attorney in the Beverly Hills legal community, Atighechi has earned a reputation for providing expert guidance to high net worth clients. Her experience working with celebrities and business executives gives her unique insights into the complex legal issues that arise in high net worth divorce and prenuptial agreement cases. To this end, Atighechi noted that her firm was taking a strong shift to focusing on drafting prenuptial agreements for high-net-worth clients, something that her firm excels in.

The Atighechi Law Group is a Beverly Hills Prenuptial Agreement and Family Practice Law Firm serving all of California, that does handle a range of other family law matters, including divorce, child custody, and support issues, even though the Law Group has shifted a lot of their focus to servicing high-net-worth clients in the Los Angeles County area with the preparation of their prenuptial agreements. Maryam noted the emotional challenges that family law matters can bring, and highlighted her firm’s commitment to taking a compassionate approach to these cases.

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