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With IT talent shortage expected to continue into the medium and long term, nearshore staffing firm ParallelStaff expands its software development capabilities.

As part of the recent update, the company offers skilled and experienced software engineers from across Latin America. Candidates are available to augment existing teams, or as part of a new capability, and come from a wide variety of disciplines, including back-end, front-end, mobile, cloud, data management, and UX/UI development.

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The latest expansion builds on ParallelStaff’s successful nearshore staffing model, which is designed to provide high-quality talent at cost-effective rates. The company explains that the ability of staff to work in US time zones, combined with a strict screening process, eliminates many of the difficulties faced with traditional offshore outsourcing.

A recent study from Korn Ferry predicts that talent shortages could continue well into the foreseeable future, with up to 85 million positions going unfilled by 2030. For technology-based companies in the US, this could amount to as much as $162 billion in lost revenue annually.

ParallelStaff explains that current shortages have driven up the cost of onshore staff, making it difficult for smaller organizations to compete. With the recent update, the company offers skilled and experienced software developers that can meet a wide range of needs, while remaining affordable for businesses of any size.

“We bring world-class experts to the table, empowering clients to tackle their next development project quickly and with consistent results,” a company representative explained. “Time and cost matter alongside quality, and our nearshore software development outsourcing options can help US clients accomplish all three equally.”

About ParallelStaff

The success of ParallelStaff’s nearshore staffing solution is demonstrated by its portfolio of current and past clients, which include Google, ebay, Santander, Slack, AT&T, and several other Fortune 500 companies. With employment markets expected to remain volatile, the firm’s goal is to provide a reliable and flexible solution that continues to meet all the software development needs of US businesses.

“ParallelStaff team members are in the same time zone, which has greatly aided us with productivity,” one CIO recently stated. “They have provided high-quality engineers who are prepared to go above and beyond to add value to our development projects.”

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