Genius ERP & Salesforce CRM Real-Time Business Data Integration App

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Business owners looking to improve the connection between their sales, service, marketing, and customer success teams can now get real-time integrations for their Genius ERP and Salesforce systems with Commercient’s Commercient SYNC app services.

The data integration service from Commercient provides real-time synchronization of a business’s Genius ERP and Salesforce systems, which reduces the risk of inventory inconsistencies while improving a sales team’s ability to cross- and up-sell.

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By integrating a business’s Genius ERP and Salesforce systems, the app can synch information such as customer accounts, contact details, sales orders, and invoices, as well as products, prices, and inventory.

Many businesses rely on multiple software platforms to conduct their day-to-day tasks. However, without constant updates, these platforms can have out-of-date information, meaning sales teams can have incorrect details when dealing with customers. To help resolve this issue, Commercient created their Commercient SYNC app for Genius ERP and Salesforce integration.

As the software is able to monitor and manage changes in real time, a business’s systems will always stay up to date. Additionally, as the application automatically SYNC’s information at an object level, details are never duplicated, therefore eliminating the chance of human input errors.

The ERP to CRM Integration platform creates a single source of truth that presents all the details that a sales team needs to streamline their customer interactions. This includes accurate details on areas such as pricing, inventory, shipping, and tracking information. A video explaining how the application works in more detail can be found here

Individuals looking to incorporate Commercient SYNC into their business can choose from a wide range of pricing options depending on the number of users and platforms they wish to integrate. Currently, the app is available for use with many leading ERP and CRM systems, including the previously mentioned Genius ERP and Salesforce as well as Sage, EPICOR, QuickBooks, HubSpot, and SYSPRO.

As a secure cloud-based application, Commercient SYNC is an also ideal solution for businesses with remote workers as well as allowing owners to implement varying levels of access and authorization for users. Business owners can schedule a live demonstration to see how the app could improve their CRM and ERP management through the company’s website.

A recent user of the application said, “We enjoy our Commercient SYNC integration. It has saved time for our customer service and sales teams while giving our executive management the ability to see comprehensive reports for nearly all functions of the business inside one system.”

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