Toronto Land Development Expert LSG Expands Services Amid Growing Market

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Toronto-based Land Services Group (+1 416 888 7653) is expanding its land development services, providing Canadian clients with comprehensive solutions for all types of projects.

As the demand for real estate continues to grow in Ontario, Land Services Group continues to expand its services to help clients diversify their portfolios with investment in land development projects.

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According to Macrotrends, the population of the Greater Toronto Area increased by 117,000 people from 2021 to 2023, with the majority of the growth happening in the suburbs – and over 1.5 million homes are needed in Ontario alone by 2030. With this continued growth, the need for land development services has become more apparent, and Land Services Group announces new initiatives to help investors achieve their goals.

LSG and its team of experts assist clients with managing their land development investment portfolio. Their four major divisions – LSG Realty, LSG Partners, LSG Wealth, and LSG Valuations – are designed to provide a comprehensive solution for the company’s clients.

As a critical part of meeting the demand for housing and infrastructure in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, the company’s services include site acquisition, due diligence, land use planning, zoning and rezoning, project management, and marketing and sales.

“Our services aim to help clients navigate every part of the complex land development process, and we offer professional services from A to Z,” said Reza Esmaeili, the founder and CEO of LSG.

Leveraging its team’s deep understanding of the land development process, LSG is able to provide solutions tailored to the needs of each project. Its strong network of partners in the real estate industry means that investors have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources, explains the company.

Land Services Group currently operates in Canada and plans to expand into the US markets in early 2024.

“Land Services Group is a one-stop real estate solution provider, offering brokerage, valuation, development & construction, and financial services,” says Mr. Esmaeili. “We are a real estate management company that has achieved robust returns for our client group.”

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