Best Napa Valley, Dry Farmed Wines and Vineyard on Display Experience Launched

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Madonna Estate (707-255-8864), one of Napa Valley’s oldest family-owned and run vineyards, has a new winery tour experience

The winery, which was established in 1922, and has been handcrafting boutique wines for over 100 years, is now running personalized winery tours and tastings for tourists who are visiting California’s most famous wine-growing region. Madonna Estate is both the longest-running family-operated vineyard in the valley and one of the few vineyards that employ the artisan dry farming technique.

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This traditional farming method has had a resurgence in popularity, following the acclaim it has gained in both American and international wine appreciation circles. Madonna Estate has been a dry farming vineyard since its establishment because they believe it yields more robust and flavorful varietals. As such, they recommend their new wine tours and tastings to any wine connoisseur or enthusiast who is looking to learn more about how boutique artisanal wine is crafted, and how dry farming impacts the taste of both the grapes and the final product.

Madonna Estate’s head winemaker, who is also the current patriarch of the Bartolucci family, has over 55 years of experience in handcrafting wines and represents the third generation of Bartolucci winemakers. Therefore, tourists and guests who visit the estate will also have the opportunity to learn about dry farming from one of America’s reigning authorities.

In addition to this learning experience, Madonna Estate’s winery tour experiences will take guests through the vineyard’s undulating fields and give them a chance to relax and unwind amid California’s most bucolic environs.

In their vineyard tour and tastings, guests will also have the opportunity to sample 10 of their most popular wines, including their award-winning pinot noir and chardonnay, and their unique dolcetto.

A spokesperson for the family-owned and operated winery said, “Madonna Estate wines have been handcrafted by the Bartolucci Family, Napa Valley winegrowers and winemakers for over a century. They are created from 100 percent organically grown grapes, which are dry farmed on the estate vineyard. Located in the world-renowned Carneros region of the Napa Valley, the Bartoluccis take great pride in the wines they craft. Through great skill, elegance and care, Madonna Estate wines are styled to capture the best of the vintage, the vineyard, and the variety.”

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