Manchester, NH Renewable Energy Credit Database Verification Service Launched

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Energy Audits Unlimited, LLC (+1-603-836-4402) has announced a new update to its processes for clients throughout Manchester, New Hampshire. It aims to streamline the process of reporting and selling renewable energy credits.

Renewable energy credit verification is integral to the sales process, and the latest innovations from Energy Audits Unlimited (EAU) allow local homeowners to report their energy production more efficiently.

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EAU was founded in 2008 and originally operated as an independent energy auditing firm. In 2012, it received state certification to provide REC verification – and now, with the latest move, it continues to innovate, enabling local homeowners and companies to leverage the energy produced by solar, wind, and hydroelectric power systems.

Its primary role is to verify the renewable energy production numbers submitted by clients and upload them to the New England Power Pool / General Information System (NEPOOL / GIS), a national database that converts production numbers into RECs.

RECs are marketable commodities representing the environmental benefits of renewable energy production. Each REC represents one megawatt-hour of electricity generated from a renewable energy source. These credits can be sold by brokers, and the proceeds are distributed to the owners of the renewable energy facilities that generated them.

The service is available to both homeowners and businesses in the local area. As the demand for clean energy has grown in recent years, RECs have become an important tool for businesses to achieve their sustainability goals and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship.

While EAU is not a broker, verifying energy production numbers and uploading them for clients ensures that RECs are accurately tracked and reported. This process is essential for renewable energy producers who want to sell their RECs on the market, as buyers require proof that the credits are legitimate.

Selling RECs requires navigating a complex system of regulations and guidelines, which can be confusing for those who are not familiar with the process. EAU’s state certification allows the company to provide an impartial and independent verification service, helping clients overcome some of the challenges.

A spokesperson states: “If you claim and sell your RECs, utilities are required to buy them, by state laws (NH RSA:362), and prove that a portion of the power they provide us comes from renewable, sustainable sources. If they cannot prove it, they are penalized, and have to pay an Alternative Compliance Payment, or ACP.”

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