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An acclaimed Toronto-based law firm (416-900-0998) announces an expansion of its legal representation services for clients facing aggravated assault charges in the Newmarket, ON area.

The latest move from William Jaksa Criminal Litigation responds to rising crime rates in the Greater Toronto area, underlined by the team’s firm belief in every citizen’s right to a fair trial regardless of the charges brought against them.

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William Jaksa’s updated services are grounded in his decades of experience and intimate knowledge of the Canadian criminal justice system. Mr. Jaksa performs an exhaustive review of all the available evidence and takes a fastidious approach to building a case for his clients.

Aggravated assault is second only to murder in terms of the most serious violent crimes listed in the Canadian Criminal Code. To meet the criteria for aggravated assault, an attack must have been committed intentionally and wound, maim, disfigure, or endanger the life of the victim. To prove intent, the Crown does not need to demonstrate that the offender intended to cause any specific injuries but rather that any reasonable person would predict that such actions would cause severe physical harm. The severity of the resulting injuries differentiates assault causing bodily harm from aggravated assault charges.

Mr. Jaksa can help to establish a credible defence for his clients. These include self-defence – that the act by the accused was reasonable in the circumstances and that they reasonably believed that force or the threat of force was being made against them or someone else. Other mitigating factors include the defence of property or reflexive action. Learn more at

The firm’s experience in managing these types of cases ensures that, in the event of a conviction, sentencing will be fair, presenting a robust argument for suspended sentences, fines, and probation. While aggravated assault is a directly indictable offence with a maximum penalty of 14 years, Mr. Jaksa brings his expertise to bear in reducing jail terms to the lower and mid-range – from 18 months to 2 years.

From an initial arrest, bail negotiations, and preliminary hearings to the trial itself, the firm provides advice and guidance for defendants every step of the way. New clients are invited to arrange a phone consultation to discuss the particulars of their case.

A spokesperson says, “Getting the best results requires experience and dedication. Toronto criminal defence lawyer William Jaksa has been successfully defending clients and providing legal advice for over 15 years in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.”

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