Business Transition Success Coaching: Custom Executive Packages Announced

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Life strategist, human behavior expert, and award-winning author Tony J. Selimi announces transformational business growth, success, and productivity coaching packages customized to help executives in transition clarify and achieve their goals.

The newly announced coaching packages are the result of the coach’s 30 years of combined expertise in psychology, business planning and strategy, and transformational coaching. Tony Selimi specializes in helping business executives and individuals from all professional backgrounds identify the barriers preventing them from reaching their goals so they can begin strategizing their success.

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The benefits of an experienced transformational life and business coach are well documented. A recognized life strategist and business growth mentor, Tony J. Selimi has helped CEOs and company executives in a range of sectors plan and execute their career goals. With his new coaching packages, executives who’ve plateaued and those in transition will develop the skills needed to move confidently into the next phases of their careers.

“It’s a widespread misconception that professionals who reach the top levels of their careers are living an easy and stress-free life,” says Selimi. “On the contrary, many face increased pressures at this level, especially if they’ve been fired, they’ve quit their jobs, or they’re considering an important transition. TJS integrated coaching and mentoring packages provide the support and strategic guidance business executives and people need to clarify their future and then move forward successfully.”

Selimi’s coaching packages are rooted in a blend of psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and leadership tenets to help clients achieve rapid and lasting results. At each tier, participants learn to diffuse emotional charges, and transcend self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs to develop a positive, success-oriented mindset.

The Bronze package is designed to help individuals address personal, relationship, and professional issues, often in their careers overcome debilitating imposter syndrome and the fear of failure. Clients are provided with 21 hours of coaching which they can divide however they’d like.

The Silver tier is designed to help more seasoned professionals uncover and overcome long-held negative beliefs and buried wounds preventing them from moving forward. Titled “Shifting Through Seasons,” this tier clears the way for business professionals to visualize and then execute on short-term and long-term goals.

The Platinum tier takes place at resort destinations of the client’s choosing, and focuses on achieving the client’s life’s purpose. Clients come away with the skills needed to positively impact the business world for a personally, professionally, and financially rewarding future.

A recent Platinum participant says, “I was able to reach beyond my work as a doctor to develop more meaningful relationships with colleagues, friends, and family. I am now on the path I’d always envisioned and want to thank Tony for his wisdom and powerful inspiration.”

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