French Press Coffee Maker With Wing Nut Plunger For Easy Cleaning Launched

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SYL Prosper Inc. announced the release of a new French coffee press with an innovative wing nut plunger.

The product is a Coffee Press-branded manual coffee brewer that makes rich and full-bodied coffee. What sets it apart from other French presses is its propriety EzDtach design.

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The new French press offers ease of plunger disassembly for effortless cleaning. The company explains that, with the new design, leftover coffee grounds and oils that get lodged in the filters will no longer be a problem.

The inventive design incorporates a wing nut screwed conveniently at the bottom of the plunger, which allows users to twist off the plunger rod and detach it from the press plate, making it easier to clean. “This game-changing coffee presser makes disassembling plungers a much easier, less-damaging task. Its EzDtach design eliminates the risk of broken knobs from using too much force. It also stops further damage from using tools since the wing nut is already attached to the rod,” a company spokesperson says.

The new French coffee press uses double-screen filter technology that strains even the finest coffee granules, resulting in a smoother brew. The plunger mechanism extracts more flavor and oils from the coffee grounds, giving the coffee a more concentrated flavor.

The press is also suitable for infusing loose-leaf teas.

The coffee maker features a clear, sleek, and functional glass beaker. It is made with heat-resistant borosilicate glass and reinforced with patented corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel used in most upscale dinnerware.

For those customers who enjoy camping, boating, or fishing trips, the coffee maker can easily fit into a bag, so they can enjoy a quality cup of joe together with outdoor activities.

According to a satisfied Coffee Press user, “I like that it has a double filter, so you will not get any coffee grounds. It was easy to clean afterward as well. I usually don’t have very good luck with glass ones, but this one, so far, seems sturdier than most.”

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