San Mateo Acupressure Massage, No-Needle Acupuncture Alternative Launched

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Tomii Wellness (+1-650-541-6558) has announced their updated acupressure services for individuals in San Mateo, California wanting to receive the therapeutic and stress-relieving benefits of acupuncture – without the needles.

The recently updated acupressure services from Tomii Wellness offer a non-invasive alternative to acupuncture that focuses on the same meridians and acupoints but uses hand and finger pressure instead of needles.

For all appointments, new visitors will receive a Chi Energy Analysis that helps a client and their therapist to understand the cause of any issues they are experiencing. This analysis is used to determine the best course of action for a non-invasive and drug-free treatment.

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With the latest update, the San Mateo clinic can help clients get pain relief in areas such as their back, neck, and feet, as well as reduce stress and tension within their bodies.

While acupuncture has been around for around 3000 years, many individuals can be put off by the invasive use of needles that are inserted at key meridian points across the body. However, by using the same meridian points, acupressure treatments achieve comparable results with other added benefits. With their trained therapists, Tomii Wellness now provides residents of San Mateo, California, with access to acupressure treatments.

Through the use of hand and finger pressure on key locations throughout the body, the clinic’s acupressure treatments can increase a client’s blood circulation, relieve tension, and ease any muscular aches and pains. Additionally, as the treatments are a form of massage, they also provide relaxation for a client’s mind and body.

About Tomii Wellness

With a focus on finding natural solutions for healthier living, Tomii Wellness has been providing alternative medicine services for clients in and around California since 2007. The clinic’s therapists use a combination of traditional Chinese holistic medicine practices with modern knowledge and technology to achieve accurate and reliable results for all their services.

Alongside their acupressure massages, the clinic’s team also has options for cupping therapy, massage therapy, integrative therapy, and chi energy treatments. The company serves clients across the California region with clinics in areas such as the previously mentioned San Mateo, as well as Millbrae, Anaheim, and Acadia.

A spokesperson for Tomii Wellness said, “I’ve had chronic pains in my chest for years and nobody could get rid of them, but after an acupressure massage, the pain goes away and I feel better.”

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