Catalina Water Resistant Outdoor Replacement Cushions For Patio Announced

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Leading online retailer of sustainable artisan furniture LOOMLAN (833-566-6526) has updated their Catalina outdoor furniture collection to include a range of water-resistant replacement cushions.

The update introduces a range of stylish, high-quality, environmentally friendly replacement cushions custom-made to fit the Catalina collection’s signature deep seating design. LOOMLAN specializes in sustainably manufactured furniture and accessories made in the US, and exported from world-class manufacturers in Italy, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Spain, Mexico and Canada.

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The Catalina collection is known for its modern, all-weather Wicker and Teak lounge sets that include sectionals, armchairs, love seats, chaise sectionals, ottomans, and more. Homeowners looking to update patio furniture fabrics or color pallets on their Catalina furnishings will now find a full range of water-resistant, fade-resistant, and mildew-resistant replacement cushion options made of high performance, hypoallergenic materials at online retailer LOOMLAN.

“At LOOMLAN, we are passionate about homes and home furnishings, and are very specific about the curated pieces we sell and the manufacturers we work with,” says Natalya Bondole, CEO and founder of LOOMLAN. “Our sustainable and high-quality handmade and designer-created indoor and outdoor furniture adds an element of European luxury to every home.”

The priority at LOOMLAN is to respect the origins of materials and collaborate with suppliers who also support an eco-friendly production and supply chain. The company works to minimize its carbon footprint – and that of their customers by extension – by partnering with brands that prioritize sustainably sourced materials, repurposed wood and iron, and environmentally friendly paints and finishes.

As a one-stop shop for durable, fashionable furniture and accessories, LOOMLAN carries specially curated collections in today’s most in-demand styles, including modern, contemporary, mid-century, elegant, classic and traditional.

LOOMLAN’s Catalina cushions and replacement cushions are made with foam core for structure and longevity and wrapped in polyester layered fill for comfort. Cushions are fully encased in a moisture-resistant fabric that sheds water rather than absorbing it for a fresh-looking, low-maintenance patio set that is easy to clean, and can withstand the elements.

A recent LOOMLAN customer says, “The couch I ordered from LOOMLAN is better than 99% of couches I tested in other stores, and the cushions are like clouds. The fabric is strong and soft, and I can tell we’ll have this piece of furniture for a long time. Five stars.”

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