The Quinlan Group’s Home Design Process Assisted By Use of Lifesize Plans

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The Quinlan Group in an exclusive interview with Eleven Media confirmed their use of Lifesize Plans technology has assisted clients significantly in the home & commercial design process.

Lifesize Plans owns the world’s first patented real scale walkthrough technology, which has changed the way people design and construct architectural projects.

With the use of state of the art integrated projection technology they are able to show the complete project – including upper and lower floors, external landscaped areas, common areas, renders, and more at a ‘true’ 1:1 scale.

Clients can park vehicles in the projected carpark and walk around the whole property before taking the next steps in the design process.

Justin Quinlan Managing Director of The Quinlan Group said, “The whole family, design team, and stakeholders can experience the Lifesize Plans technology all at the same time. They incorporate the use of real furniture and props, as well as partition walls and decorations, to give clients the best chance possible of perfecting the design. Clients are encourage to push the props around the floor and place them in the rooms, hallways and shared areas, so they can get a true feel of the layout and size.”

Those experiencing this new technology may then find that they need more space or that the space is not used to its full potential. They may also realise that they are over building and can reduce the size of their project, saving yourself thousands of dollars in remodelling during construction.

The team at The Quinlan Group has designed over $2.5 billion worth of commercial infrastructure in 5 countries including some of Australia’s most iconic projects. Their residential projects have won multiple awards and featured in more than 20 architecture and design publications.

The practice takes on intriguing projects. A good example of this is recently purchasing an original Pettit and Sevitt low line seventies kit home on the border of the Lane Cove National Park, with an eye to executing a historically sensitive extension and upgrade. The proposed design increases the dwelling to five bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms with office (an essential post lockdown inclusion) and flips the living area to the rear to open out onto the substantial backyard and amazing views through the forest.

Other examples of challenging projects they have undertaken is the redesign of a single-story Bronte residence that had been renovated and extended using different architectural styles at least four times over the past few decades. The mandate to redesign it into a single harmonious aesthetic throughout the entire property. They also recently began work on a private rural clubhouse – near Wiseman’s Ferry just north of Sydney. Built around an existing seventies holiday house, they are tasked with the reshaping of it to incorporate large entertaining spaces framing both the mountain range views to the north and the water views to the south.

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The practice is Sydney based and Australia’s most sought-after contemporary architecture firm. Since 2001, The Quinlan Group has successfully delivered more than 250 residential and commercial projects in both Australia and overseas, including some of Australia’s most iconic projects.