Pitch Deck Creation Guide For Startup Founders | Effective Design Report Launch

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Startup consultancy firm IdeaPros has released its latest report, “Tips to Create an Effective Pitch Deck,” to help founders make a good impression on potential investors.

The recently published report offers concrete tips that enable entrepreneurs to create concise yet impactful business pitches. This volume was released as venture capital firms continue to tighten their belts in response to economic headwinds.

More information about IdeaPros is available at https://www.ideapros.com/

Readers of the new guide will learn four tips derived from IdeaPros’ experience with reviewing actual pitch decks from entrepreneurs. More specifically, it will teach founders how to highlight what’s unique about their proposed venture and how VC firms stand to benefit by investing in it.

Fred Cary, CEO of the consulting firm, says: “It’s no secret that getting access to VC funding has become very challenging due to a variety of macroeconomic factors. As such, aspiring entrepreneurs must pay special attention to their business pitches if they wish to get the capital they need. Through our report, we hope to share insights that will help open doors and make connections.”

The full report can be accessed at https://www.ideapros.com/blog/tips-to-create-an-effective-pitch-deck/

While venture capital flowed freely only a few years prior, economic instability has caused VC firms to be more strategic with their investments. This also means that they are holding onto more raised but undeployed funding (otherwise called “dry powder”). Indeed, TechCrunch reports that dry powder has reached a record $290 billion as of early 2023.

IdeaPros’ report highlights the importance of simplicity and brevity to cut through the clutter and pique investors’ interests. Cary stresses that VC firms are inundated with pitch decks, which is why lengthy presentations are at a distinct disadvantage.

The guide likewise offers advice about which data to include and which to leave out. By including only the numbers and facts that matter most to investors, entrepreneurs can increase their chances of securing a follow-up meeting.

Readers will also learn crucial tips on how to format their pitch decks for optimal impact. The guide offers tips on selecting visuals, font usage, and design cohesion. IdeaPros’ report ends with a selection of decks from successful startups, giving readers real-life examples of presentation best practices.

IdeaPros also offers hands-on business coaching for a select number of entrepreneurs. Those who wish to book a slot can visit https://www.ideapros.com/start-now/

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