Food Supply Chain Monitoring: Fraud Prevention Traceability Software Launched

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rfxcel – a global technology company specializing in product tracking and protection solutions – announces an expansion of its services for food brands.

The latest move responds to research suggesting that food fraud is affecting as much as 1% of the global food industry, resulting in losses of around 10 to 15 billion dollars every year. rfxcel offers businesses a next-generation Traceability System with real-time tracking and a unified view of a product’s entire lifecycle.

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The announcement underlines rfxcel’s position at the forefront of the brand integrity software space. The company mitigates the threat of theft, counterfeiting, and diversion from criminals, inspiring trust and confidence in trading partnerships. rfxcel shields every product with a unique digital identity, harnessing cutting-edge technology to improve engagement and transparency at every stage of the production and delivery process.

According to the food safety monitoring agency Food Chain ID, the most common types of food fraud concern false information about an animal’s origin and deception regarding dilution or substitution. A report by American Food Sure highlights the health risks posed by these illegal enterprises as well as the knock-on effects on consumer confidence in the industry as a whole.

rfxcel allows clients to monitor individual units and aggregations on land, sea, and in the air. This enables the authentication of products at any stage of the supply chain. From the tracking of raw materials to quality control of finished goods and eventual order fulfillment, the company ensures healthier communication and fosters collaboration and trust between brand partners. Learn more at

Other features of the rfxcel platform include compliance management, real-time cold chain monitoring, and predictive analytics to improve productivity and performance. Each user is assigned a dedicated support agent with the advisory team on hand to answer queries and resolve issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reporting is covered via documented release notes, risk assessments, and detailed test results. The company can implement a fully validated production solution within 20 to 30 days so clients can get up and running with minimal delay.

A spokesperson says, “The rfxcel brand protection and traceability solution is a full-stack product suite that allows you to follow your supply chain in real-time from anywhere in the world.”

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