Food Supply Chain Traceability & Transparency: Software & Whitepaper Announced

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The recently updated software and accompanying whitepaper from rfxcel, part of the Antares Vision Group, come in response to increased demand from government regulators, notably the US Food and Drug Administration, for more accountability and traceability in supply chains for both retailers and consumers.

The whitepaper publication comes amid growing consumer awareness around the environmental impact of food, as well as an increased demand for transparency about what ingredients ordinary Americans are actually feeding their families.

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rfxcel’s announcement follows The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) which introduced higher compliance standards for safety and traceability in the food industry. Published in November 2022, the new rules have put pressure on US businesses, as well as their partners and suppliers around the world, to upgrade their systems before the 2026 deadline.

The ability to track and trace individual ingredients has always been an important part of the food supply chain. It helps ensure food safety, speeds recalls and investigations, and makes the food supply chain faster and more efficient, explains rfxcel.

The fundamentals of traceability in the food supply chain and how their software can help businesses meet the new industry standards are laid out in the company’s whitepaper. rfxcel’s Supply Chain Visibility Software provides end-to-end track and trace oversight from the incorporation of ingredients used in the manufacturing process to the distribution of the final product to the end consumer.

“We understand the idea of supply chain visibility is overwhelming,” said a rfxcel spokesperson. “Organizations taking on the task of supply chain visibility often have an idea of what they want to achieve, but don’t know how or where to begin. As tenured leaders in the supply chain industry, we are able to help assess supply chain maturity and implement the right level of visibility for an organization. Our software will help businesses not only meet, but far surpass, the new industry compliance standards.”

About rfxcel – Antares Vision Group

Founded in 2003, rfxcel is an industry leader in traceability technology and industry safety. From their headquarters in Nevada, the company has developed software to help businesses meet and excel compliance standards for supply chain track and trace for both the pharmaceutical and food industries.

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