Wembley Downs Approved Financial Planners Announces Retirement Planning Service

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Approved Financial Planners (08 6462 0888) has announced the launch of its retirement planning service to assist professionals in Wembley Downs transition out of the workforce into retirement equipped with a smart financial strategy.

With this service update, Approved Financial Planners seeks to provide individuals nearing retirement with a proper retirement strategy by helping them develop their financial goals and estimate potential retirement costs. In particular, the company helps clients maximise their Centrelink entitlements, minimise taxes, and develop a superannuation strategy.

More information is available at https://www.approvedfp.com.au/services/retirement-planning/

As part of its expanded services, the specialists at Approved Financial Planners work with clients to build a customised retirement plan that suits their individual needs while explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each option. By helping retirees determine their future needs and goals, the team also assists them in securing their desired retirement lifestyle, making the transition into retirement easier for clients as a result.

When starting the planning process, the specialists at Approved Financial Planners first make a thorough assessment of the client’s retirement timeline, their needs and goals for retirement, and their investment risk tolerance. They also take note of the client’s potential lump sum expenses, including home renovations, travel plans, and gifting funds to their children and grandchildren.

Approved Financial Planners recognises that sorting through the many retirement options available can be overwhelming for clients preparing to leave the workforce. As such, the company works with clients to help them choose the options that suit their future requirements and are most beneficial to their families.

With over 40 years of combined experience, the team at Approved Financial Planners leverages its expertise in retirement and investment planning to help individuals in the Perth area build a retirement nest egg. Once the company creates a retirement plan for a client, the team continues to provide support by reviewing the client’s progress toward achieving their financial goals.

“It’s common to put off making investment and financial planning decisions. But it’s important to take control,” says Daniel Stevens, the company’s managing director and senior financial advisor. “Everything we do at Approved is designed to challenge the traditional. With an efficient, professional and most of all simple approach to financial planning, we provide a better financial planning solution.”

Additional details can be found at https://www.approvedfp.com.au/services/superannuation/

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