Manitoba One-Day Cast Partial Dentures & Consultations: Service Update

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Minuk Digital Denture and Implant Clinic Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, (204-589-6329), announces an update in services to provide no-cost consultations on digitally milled, one-day cast partials, a significant advancement in denture technology that offers a stronger, better fitting, more hygienic denture option.

The newly announced expansion will provide more individuals looking to restore missing teeth with the opportunity to assess their candidacy for a stronger, more natural looking partial that can be produced in just one day. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the award-winning Minuk Digital Denture and Implant Centre is Canada’s largest clinic, and one of its most advanced.

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Missing teeth can compromise an individual’s health, eating habits, speech, appearance, and confidence. Minuk Digital Denture and Implant Clinic Centre specialize in state-of-the-art denture solutions that address and eliminate these problems. With their latest update, Winnipeg residents with missing teeth can now book a consultation to find out more about one-day cast partials.

“We are committed to providing our clients with the latest technology and the highest quality of dental care,” says Manny Minuk, head Denturist at Minuk Digital Denture and Implant Clinic Centre. “With free consultations, we’re giving more people with missing teeth the information they need to see if one-day milled cast partial dentures are right for them.”

Traditional cast partials can take up to two weeks to produce. “Being able to provide cast partial dentures in less than 2 business days is a game-changing service we are excited to be able to provide”, says Minuk. The process begins with an impression of the client’s mouth that becomes a wax version of their partial that is assessed for aesthetics, bite, fit and function. Once these steps are completed, an acrylic (plastic) mold of the partial denture is cast. Individual stock teeth are then used to complete the appliance and as the acrylic cures it shrinks, something denturists compensate for with injection molding.

One-day cast partials are made using digital technology that bypasses the curing and shrinking phase. The partial is instead milled based on 3D digital images of the client’s mouth to render a partial denture with a fit that is within 100x that of a human hair in accuracy.

One-day partials are made of durable, lightweight titanium. Teeth are made of premium composite materials instead of standard acrylic (plastic) and are connected to each other under the fabricated gums instead of being individually placed. This creates a stronger more wear-resistant denture.

A digital record of the client’s partial is stored indefinitely and can be accessed quickly should the client need a replacement or backup appliance.

With an update in services to provide no-cost consultations on one-day cast partials, Minuk Digital Denture and Implant Clinic Centre is giving more Winnipeg residents access to an advanced denture solution that can have a life-changing impact.

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