Crypto Wallet Recovery Kit & Seed Vault, XSEED Pro Backup Phrase Tool Launched

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A new stainless steel recovery seed backup device for crypto wallets, launched by SecuX and available from The Crypto Merchant, provides a beginner-friendly option for recording crypto recovery seeds, that can be reset if a mistake is made.

The XSEED Pro Seed recovery kit, a product manufactured by SecuX and launched on The Crypto Merchant website, uses a unique approach to recording seed phrases which allows the device to be reset in case of a mistake, or reused if a trader changes wallets.

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By including a full set of laser engraved tiles, with several for each letter of the alphabet, SecuX has created one of the first reusable “steel wallets” for crypto recovery seeds. The new recovery wallet does not require any additional tools to set up, reset, or reuse, and can be used an indefinite number of times.

A crypto recovery seed, traditionally a 24-word phrase, is used to regain access to crypto wallets that have been lost, stolen, or damaged. Traditionally, these recovery seeds have been stored on steel plates, using a metal punch to mark a permanent hole for each letter.

The XSEED Pro Seed uses a different approach, with slots that can hold removable laser-engraved tiles, to record either one 24-word phrase or two 12-word phrases. If a mistake is made, or a trader changes wallets, they can reset the device by unlocking it, removing the safety latch, and sliding out the tiles.

The new kit is built using 6mm thick stainless steel plates, making it highly resistant to damage from fire, water, corrosion, and impacts, as well as mechanical force. However, while the device is resistant to the most common causes of damage, experts suggest recovery kits should always be hidden to prevent the seed phrases from being accessed by others.

SecuX built the XSEED Pro Seed device with a compact form and shape, so that it can be hidden in a small, safe location, or carried in a pocket, wallet, or purse. For additional security, the device can also be placed in tamper-evident bags, which show obvious signs when they have been opened.

The kit uses an intentionally low-technology approach to avoid any internet-connected devices, and ensure that every recovery seed is fully unhackable. Each kit includes the full set of laser-engraved stainless steel tiles, a slotted backup plate for storing the seed phrase, an engraver pen, and tamper-evident stickers.

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