Content Management & Social Media Automation For Financial Professionals

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Credkeeper, an automated software solution for managing online authority and credibility, has updated its lead generation and digital authority-building service to include social media integration, content management, and client review controls.

The updated software package from Credkeeper utilizes an alternative approach to digital marketing by focusing on improving how brands and professionals are viewed online and working to improve their visible expertise, authority, and trust.

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The newly expanded Credkeeper software strategy is based on how the internet is most commonly used today when researching new products, companies, or services. It focuses on improving the first elements new potential clients will see when researching a company, and several factors that suggest a company is a leading authority in their field.

The software has a long list of features that can be found on the company’s website but focuses on four primary strategies that have been shown to affect how clients interact with brands online. These strategies include managing client reviews, generating interesting content about the brand, building its social media presence, and developing new leads using the brand’s increased authority.

Using non-standard marketing techniques, Credkeeper can help financial advisors, lawyers, physicians, real estate agents, and other professionals, to control how their service is seen online, and position them as an authority in their niche. Research from shows online reviews can affect purchasing decisions for up to 93% of consumers, and up to 85% of clients will actively research negative reviews before making a purchase.

The software also uses content-creation strategies to help put interesting information about a brand, product, or service near the top of the search engine results. While businesses can choose to create their own content, Credkeeper also offers a “done-for-you” content creation service, using their own experienced marketing team.

Each piece of content acts as a standalone marketing tool, with information about the brand, and links back to its main website, landing, or sales pages. This strategy can also have a cumulative effect: as search engine algorithms see unique, interesting, and trustworthy content being generated about a brand, it causes the brand’s “domain authority” to increase, which can result in the brand’s pages being ranked higher overall.

A spokesperson for Credkeeper explained, “Your expertise and authority are what you offer clients as a primary reason to hire or buy from you. We closely manage how you are perceived, greatly enhancing the trust placed in you, transforming your business, and helping you win more clients.”

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