Seattle Detox & Sculpt Massage | Skin Rejuvenating Body Treatment Launched

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Penelope and the Beauty Bar (206-438-1750), a luxury medispa located in the historic Fairmont Hotel in downtown Seattle, has added to their repertoire of massages and body treatments.

The highly trained estheticians and massage therapists at the spa are constantly integrating new beauty technologies, techniques and selective brand products into their massages and body treatment sessions. Now, Penelope and the Beauty Bar has launched a new combined massage and body treatment package called the Detox + Sculpt, which focuses on both the skin and muscles of the body.

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The launch of their new Detox + Sculpt session comes in response to the growing market for anti-aging products and treatments for the body. As a recent article on Today explained, most women are now seeking total body solutions that can tone and firm the skin, minimize wrinkles and crepe-like skin, reduce age spots, and more.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar similarly advocates that skincare should not start and end with the face, because as women age, the skin of their body generally requires more targeted nourishment, hydration, and exfoliation.

As such, they have developed their new Detox + Sculpt treatment to combine the powers of both massage therapy and advanced skincare techniques. The treatment includes a full-body scrub and a full-body massage that targets the parts of the body where the skin tends to sag and lose its elasticity more. It concludes with a full-body wrap that uses the spa’s signature selective brand products, which are rich in raw active ingredients.

The goal of the combined treatment is to induce a deep sense of relaxation and calm in the body, promote lymphatic drainage to move toxins out of the body, and then to re-energize the skin, tissues and muscles, and prompt collagen production.

In addition to their new Detox + Sculpt treatment, Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s estheticians and massage therapists continue to offer a full range of independent massages and body treatments, including their body wraps, body polishes, jade pod sessions, Gua Sha massages, and more.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar is also proud to announce that they are now open seven days a week.

A spokesperson for the spa said of the new Detox + Sculpt package, “This results-driven treatment has been created to sculpt and contour. Our soft body exfoliation polishes the skin to perfection, followed by an intensive massage customized to help eliminate toxins and improve skin tone, leaving the body feeling rejuvenated. The massage and body treatment also features a highly concentrated body mask with grapefruit, ginger, pepper, and caffeine to stimulate and drain for exceptional results.”

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