Convenient Wireless Smartphone Adapter For Cars | Android Auto Dongle Launched

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Following its successful Kickstarter and IndieGogo campaign, Carsifi announces the availability of its innovative wireless Android Auto dongle.

The new device provides a practical and cost-effective solution for those who wish to enjoy the convenience of Android Auto on the road. CEO Ihor Martsekha emphasizes that the adapter is compatible with Android Auto 9.1, the latest version of the smart car suite released in mid-March.

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This recently added product is a viable solution for drivers of older vehicles who wish to bring the latest technology to their cars without overhauling their entertainment system. Carsifi connects to the dashboard via a USB slot, making it compatible with practically all modern vehicles.


One of the key advantages of using Carsifi is that it can make driving safer. With the help of voice commands, the need to handle phones while driving is eliminated. This helps to minimize distractions so that drivers keep their attention on the road.

Martsekha adds: “Everyone knows that they need to focus when driving. Yet distracted driving still accounts for 8% of all fatal crashes and 15% of all auto-related injuries. With Carsifi, you can launch all your favorite Android Auto apps without taking your hand off the wheel.”


To use Carsifi, drivers simply need to connect their Android device to the dongle via Bluetooth. The dongle then shares its WiFi credentials, creating a network to which the device can connect. It then broadcasts all data via WiFi, providing users with a seamless Android Auto experience. The adapter can also store multiple user profiles and drivers can switch between them with the press of a button.


Carsifi is a technology company that specializes in creating innovative solutions for drivers seeking to modernize their older vehicles. The company’s flagship product is a wireless dongle that enables Android Auto capabilities in cars without built-in WiFi. The device was fully funded through investor donations amounting to over $1.5 million.

Carsifi is currently headed by Ihor Martsekha, Petro Leivi, and Ihor Pylyavets, who have extensive backgrounds in software engineering.

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